Rui Teixeira

Baritone Saxophone / Clarinet / Bass Clarinet

Rui Teixeira began studying saxophone in 1987, with the clarinet player Américo Aguiar, and a year later he joined the Jazz School of Porto. He holds a Saxophone-Jazz degree by ESMAE.

In 1995, he collaborated with the band Clã and participated in the recording of the album “Kazoo”. He also participated in the recording of the album “Cem Anos de Cinema” of the singer Maria Anadon, played with the group Raul Marques e Os Amigos da Salsa, Zé Eduardo Unit and Paulo Gomes Ensemble. With Carlos Azevedo Ensemble he recorded the album “Lenda” and with Paulo Gomes Ensemble the album “Intro”; with the ZOE group he recorded the albums “Songs from the Borderline” and “Synth-o-matic” and with the Paulo Perfeito sextet, the “Bhodi suite”. Rui performs with the Orquestra Jazz de Matosinhos (OJM) since its foundation.

In 2000, he composed and performed in partnership with Marco Franco the music for the play “Conversas Secretas”, by Donald Margulies, staged by Manuel Coelho at Teatro Nacional D. Maria II. In 2008, he composed the soundtrack for the play “Eva a l’orange” performed by the company Tenda de Saias.

Currently, he is a member of the group Low Budget Research Kitchen, a project exclusively dedicated to play Frank Zappa’s music and that has toured all over the country. In addition to its activity as a musician in Portugal, he has also performed in Spain, Belgium, Italy and the United States. He played as well in Egypt in 2011, at the Cairo Jazz Festival with the Emjo-European Jazz Movement Orchestra.

In 2011, at the 2nd Porta-Jazz Festival, in Porto occurred the first performance of his project Rui Teixeira Group, with original music by him, which was also presented at the AngraJazz Festival 2012 in the Azores. As part of the Rui Teixeira Group he edited in 2013 a whole album with his compositions, “Tu não danças”. In the same year, he recorded the second album of Baba Mongol “Eles e os Outros” and with the Coreto group, the albums “Aljamia” and “Mergulho”. He is a member of the Ensemble Super Moderne, which edited in 2014 the acclaimed album of homonym title. desenvolvido por Bondhabits. Agência de marketing digital e desenvolvimento de websites e desenvolvimento de apps mobile