João Guimarães

Soprano and Alto Saxophone / Clarinet / Flute

João Guimarães is a musician natural from Porto and born in 1984. He studied jazz and saxophone with Mário Santos and Pedro Sousa Silva. In 2006, he finished his Jazz studies in ESMAE - School of Music, Arts and Performing Arts in Porto, where he studied with Mário Santos, José Luis Rego, Carlos Azevedo, Pedro Guedes, Nuno Ferreira and Afonso Pais. In 2009, he was awarded a Fulbright scholarship to pursuit his master's degree at the Manhattan School of Music (2011), in New York, where he studied with Steve Wilson and George Garzone, David Liebman, Phil Markowitz and Nils Vigeland.

He plays with the Jazz Orchestra of Matosinhos (OJM) since 2008, and has participated in different projects, including collaborations with pianist Paula Sousa, bassist Demian Cabaud and guitarist Nuno Costa. He was part of a duo with drummer João Filipe Pais, and of a trio called Hitchpop.

He also played with Gustavo Costa, Susana Silva Santos, Hot Club Big Band, Mário Santos, Travis Reuter, Allan Mednard, Ohad Talmor, Leon Boykins, Sebastien Ammann, David Virelles, Simon Jermyn, Jakob Sacks, and has an octet created under the partnership established in 2013 between the Guimarães Jazz and the music publisher Tone of a Pich, resulting the album “Zero” acclaimed by the critics as one of the albums of the year. The octet has played in the 2014 Porta Jazz Festival and in the S. Luiz Jazz Festival 2015, in Lisbon.

João Guimarães is preparing to release a new album with his musical companions of New York: Travis Reuter on guitar, Leon Boykins on bass and Allan Mednard on drums. desenvolvido por Bondhabits. Agência de marketing digital e desenvolvimento de websites e desenvolvimento de apps mobile