Grande Pesca Sonora: Padrões e Pregões, Salão Paroquial de Matosinhos 2015

Grand Sounding Fishiry 2015

The Grand Sound Fishing is a music creation and performance project, that also includes visual (e.g. video, photography) and literary work (e.g. production and compillation of texts). Essentially, and having the music creation as the catalyst element, the Grand Sound Fishing brings music, image and text together on a common ground. It will be part of the working method to take chances that favor a “creative process” that is rich and inclusive, believing that it is in that process that each one will be able to find his/her own way within the project and, generically, create new bonds with Art and particularly with Music.

In what will the Grand Sound Fishing culminate? It will culminate in a concert that integrates school communities, organisations and Orquestra Jazz de Matosinhos, a show planned in collaboration and thus a concert where everyone “has a voice”.

Grand Sound Fishing: Patterns and Crys

After the Grand Sound Fishing: First Improvisations, this school year the work was based on the music creation and on the regular contact with the students, spreading its ray of action to literature students (creative writing), and fine art students (video and animation works). It culminated in a concert that integrated the school community of the Augusto Gomes Secondary School and Orquestra Jazz de Matosinhos.