Orquestra Jazz de Matosinhos & João Paulo Esteves da Silva

They are wordless songs, the compositions by the piano player João Paulo Esteves da Silva. But they are songs that make use of the musicality of the Portuguese language, of an enormous melodic creativity and, sooner or later, resume the unforseen paths of improvisation. João Paulo is a born improviser, and in that role he can be listen to throughout the years in intense and emotional solo concerts. He has also been part of countless groups with the greatest figures of the national jazz and works with equal ease within the realm of music with popular roots.

The project that joins together the piano player from Lisbon and the Matosinhos ensemble was born out of a commission from Casa da Música that lead to new arrangements and a concert in 2011. In the following year, the same project attended the festival Guimarães Jazz, which associated to the label Tone Of A Pitch to enable the recording of the album “Bela Senão Sem”. Original arrangements by Carlos Azevedo, Pedro Guedes and João Paulo himself on themes like “Certeza”, “Bela Senão Sem”, “Tristo” or “Canção Açoriana”. At the piano, João Paulo Esteves da Silva shares the moments of instantaneous creation with OJM's talented soloists.